IAAF - Projects - SANDOUK AL DOUNIA - 2018


Sandouk El-Dounia, derived from the Peep Show concept that originated in the 15th century, has been a major attraction and a source of pure excitement and happiness for children in many cultures. The concept is also particularly significant to the mission and vision of IAAF since it is based on triggering the imagination of youngsters and making them wonder what the world has to offer and what they can give back. It is thereby fully sponsored by the Inas Academic Awards Foundation and completely free of charge to the public. Sandouk El-Dounia is also part of the national culture and collective Lebanese memory, and it is a means to connect children today to this precious part of our history and culture. Sandouk El-Dounia hands images of the world to the children in a box. Our hope is that this will allow them to continue dreaming and enjoying a healthy childhood.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney